The EAGLE FP7 project

The EAGLE project is a Euratom FP7 "coordination action" of 3 years, launched under the work programme 2012 which will help identify and disseminate good practices in information and communication processes related to ionising radiation.

For this purpose, the consortium intends to review national and international data, tools and methods as well as institutional work in order to identify education, information and communication needs as well as coordination possibilities at European level. Moreover, EAGLE will foster a move towards the ideal of citizen-centred communication, including a participative component.

The approach taken is based on an interactive exchange of information and opinions concerning risks, and risk communication among the risk assessors, risk managers, mass media, informed civil society and other interested parties usually referred to as stakeholders.

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The project will bring together representatives of nuclear actors, users of ionizing radiation, authorities, journalists, social media consultants, and informed civil society. Eagle will gather stakeholders at conferences, workshops, dialogue groups and pilot actions with a goal to generate a better understanding of different perspectives, perceptions and information needs on ionizing radiation.

Consequently, a platform on communication related to ionizing radiation will be founded with the mission to establish a forum for dialogue and exchange of communication material between all European organizations, institutions, associations and people taking part in decision-making related to ionizing radiation.


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Project start date: August 12, 2013 - Duration: 36 Months