RICOMET conference > Deadline for registration 15th of May

Date: 2015-05-07

More than 60 speakers and 100 participants registered at the RICOMET conference.

The deadline for registration is 15th of May.

The conference will cover the following topics:

  • Workshop on the role of media in nuclear and radiological emergencies
    • Traditional media in the context of the Fukushima nuclear accident
    • Social media in the context of the Fukushima nuclear accident, challenges and opportunities in nuclear emergencies
  • Dialogues with journalists reporting about ionising radiation issues
  • Quality of information, the role and process of mass media in public information in the context of emergency and post-emergency as well as in daily life
  • Public understanding of ionizing risk information, mental models, challenges and solutions
  • Future European research agenda for communication, risk perception and ethics in radiological protection
  • The meaning of ethics for radiological protection research and research policy
  • New research in sociology, psychology, humanities and political science related to:
    • Nuclear emergencies
    • Education, training and information
    • Communication and stakeholder involvement about new nuclear energy build, nuclear waste management and decommissioning
    • Perception of ionizing radiation risks
    • Radiation protection in medicine


Programme and registration


Detailed programme and registration available at: http://ricomet2015.sckcen.be/