EAGLE FP7 project: Deliverables

Nr WP Title Due Date Nature Dissemination Level
D1.1 WP1 Analyses of ETI materials and activities regarding the ionising radiation Re PU
D1.2 WP1 Analyses of ETI material in EU related to Fukushima accident Re PU
D1.3 WP1 Guide for improvement of solutions for good practices and coordination for IR information sources O PU
D2.1 WP2 Overview of mass and socia media treatmen of IR topics, including in the aftermath of Fukushima. Re PU
D2.2 WP2 Materials for national dialogues: Identification and/or compilation of material for discussion and assessment at national level. O PU
D2.3 WP2 Design of dialogues: Exercises and guidance for consortium members to conduct national dialogues. Re PU
D2.4 WP2 Materials for international dialogue: Outputs of national-level dialogues for discussion. O PU
D2.5 WP2 Outcome of dialogues: Agreed recommendations and guidelines for developing media relations for IR communication. O PU
D3.1 WP3 Report on public views across EU on education and information in the post-Fukushima context Re PU
D3.2 WP3 Report on mental models related to ionising radiation Re PU
D3.3 WP3 Guide for good and bad practices and public education, training and information O PU
D3.4 WP3 Reports from 4 workshops Re PU
D4.1 WP4 Communication recommendations related to IR 4 O PU
D4.2 WP4 International Stakeholders Network Members List (ongoing process) O PU
D4.3 WP4 Data base of good practices (ongoing process) O PU
D4.4 WP4 Reports/proceedings from the conferences and workshops Re PU
D4.5 WP4 Public platform for communication on ionising radiation established O PU
D4.6 WP4 Report on dissemination of the results and inter-connection of EC projects involving IR communication activities (regularly updated) Re PU
D4.7 WP4 Report from Pilot Action 1 O PU
D4.8 WP4 Report from Pilot Action 2 O PU
D4.9 WP4 Report from Pilot Action 3 O PU
D4.10 WP4 Report from Initial project conference Re PU
D4.11 WP4 Report from Final project conference Re PU
D4.12 WP4 Report from 2 virtual stakeholder workshops Re PU
D5.1 WP5 Establishment of the EAGLE web site O PU
D5.2 WP5 Project Period Report Re PU
D5.3 WP5 Project Final Report Re PU
D5.4 WP5 Organisation and delivery of all contractually required documents, completed by month O PU