EAGLE FP7 project: advisory board

The Advisory Board (AB) consists of five representatives of each stakeholder group:

  • information sources
  • channels
  • receivers

The AB is informed about all EAGLE activities and has an opportunity to comment the project evolution and advise on the project out-comes.


  • Penelope Allisy, EU Training and Education in Radiation Protection (EUTERP) Foundation
  • Edward Lazo, Radiation Protection and Radioactive Waste Management Division, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
  • Yves Lheureux, ANCCLI (Association Nationale des Comités et Commissions Locales d'Information - National Association of Local Information Committees and Commissions)
  • Patricia Lorenz, NGO, Friends of the Earth
  • Marielle Rogie, Managing Director of the Belgian Nuclear Forum