EAGLE FP7 project: partners


SCK•CEN - Belgium (project coordinator)

As a research centre dealing with peaceful applications of radioactivity, SCK•CEN is an indispensable part of our society. The centre performs forward-looking research and develop sustainable technology. In addition, SCK•CEN organises training courses, we offer specialist services and we act as a consultancy.

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ARAO - Slovenia

ARAO is the national waste management organization for Slovenia, established by the Government in 1991. It is a non-profit institution and is providing the state public service for radioactive waste (RW) management. Its mission is to provide safe permanent disposal of all types of radioactive waste therefore ARAO holds and important role in environmental protection and management.

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IRSN - France

IRSN is a public authority with industrial and commercial activities. The Institute is placed under the joint authority of the Ministries of Defense, the Environment, Industry, Research, and Health. In France, it is the nation’s public service expert in nuclear and radiation risks, and its activities cover all the related scientific and technical issues.

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INR - Romania

INR is a complex R&D centre created in 1972 to provide the scientific and technical support to national nuclear energy program.  Its activity covers a wide range of nuclear fields such as nuclear safety, nuclear fuel and materials, reactor physics, radioactive waste, radioprotection.

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SYMLOG - France 

Institut Symlog de France (Paris) is a small private non-profit structure listed in the French National Center for Research CNRS guide to independent research laboratories in the social sciences. Since 1982, Symlog has conducted research and intervention in technological and natural risk governance, providing counsel on decision making and constructing stakeholder dialogue platforms.

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JSI - Slovenia

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the biggest research institute in Slovenia (981total staff in 2011) with research departments in Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Electronics and Information Technology, Reactor Techniques and Energetics and various centers.

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INCT - Poland

The Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (INCT) is a governmental institution supervised by the Ministry of Economy. The research area of INCT covers radiation chemistry and technology, radiochemistry, radiobiology, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, electronics, process engineering, material engineering and analytical chemistry.

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UPB - Romania

University „Politehnica” of Bucharest (UPB) is the largest and the oldest technical university in Romania. The mission of the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest has been thought over as a blend of education, research and innovation, which represents a key towards a knowledge-based society and economy. 

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REC - Slovenia

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe – REC as a whole,  is an international organisation established in 1990 with the mission to assist in addressing environmental issues.

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Social media consultant - Czech Republic

Jaroslav Valuch is a registered physical person providing consulting and assistance in the field of modern communication technologies such as internet, social media and mobile communication.