EAGLE FP7 project partner: INCT


INCT - Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology


INCT is one of the educational and training centres involved in organization of trainings and conferences including promotional activities of nuclear sciences and energy. The organization is preparing to play a role of TSO in the Polish Nuclear Energy Programme. INCT has an experience in organizing Polish stakeholders around the common goals like selection of the site for low and intermediate radioactive waste disposal.

The INCT participate in the FP7 (Euratom, Fission) Collaborative Projects: Implementing Public Participation Approaches in Radioactive Waste Disposal (IPPA), New MS Linking for an Advanced Cohesion in Euratom Research (NEWLANCER), Advanced Fuels for Generation IV Reactors: Reprocessing and Dissolution (ASGARD) and Ageing Diagnostics and Prognostics of low-voltage I&C cables (ADVANCE), Multi-disciplinary biodosimetric tools to manage high scale radiological casualties (MULTIBIODOSE), Realizing the European Network in Biodosimetry (RENEB) and Safety of Actinide Separation Processes (SACSESS).

INCT is involved in WP1-WP4 of EAGLE.

> Website: www.ichtj.waw.pl/drupal_eng/