EAGLE FP7 project partner: INR


INR - Institute for Nuclear Research Romania


INR's research activity evolves according to the national nuclear strategy in 18 R&D specific programs. The research activities are based on a modern and complex infrastructure consisting in of a TRIGA reactor, hot cell facility, Radioactive Waste Treatment and Conditioning Plant, radiochemical laboratories operating modern investigation techniques, etc., and specialists with deep profound experience in the nuclear field.

The institute is strongly involved in nuclear development both as technical support for NPP in Romania and also as a technological developer for: nuclear fuel, waste conditioning, transport and storage, nuclear equipment, computer codes for simulation, etc. INR is involved in Generation IV system development and also in activities for management of radioactive wastes.

The institute acted as national facilitator for National Stakeholders Group under CIP and IPPA projects. Also the institute was also the coordinator for the construction of the Nuclear National Programme and has a good experience in interaction with various nuclear stakeholders.

INR has relevant experience in working in EU Framework projects. In particular, INR is currently coordinating the NEWLANCER project (FP7 Contract 269849) with 15 partners involved. INR was involved in different Euratom projects: excellence networks (HOTLAB – for hot cells laboratories, SARNET and SARNET2- for severe accidents, NULIFE-for plant life extension), collaborative projects (ELSY and LEADER- both for generation IV development, MATTER and STYLE – both for materials for GenIV, FORGE and CARBOWASTE- for radioactive wastes), coordinated actions (ADRIANA – for GenIV R&D infrastructure, NEWLANCER- improvement of NMS participation in Euratom), research reactors infrastructure (MTR-I3), public participation in decisions related to radioactive waste management (COWAM2, CIP, and IPPA).

INR is currently involved in some coordinated research projects of IAEA. INR is taking a lead of WP3.