EAGLE FP7 project partner: IRSN


IRSN - Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléair



Its areas of specialization include the environment and radiological emergency response, human radiation protection in both a medical and professional capacity, and in both normal and post-accident situations, the prevention of major accidents, nuclear reactor safety, as well as safety in plants and laboratories, transport and waste treatment, and nuclear defense expertise.

IRSN interacts with all parties concerned by these risks (public authorities, in particular nuclear safety and security authorities, local authorities, companies, research organizations, stakeholders’ associations, etc.) to contribute to public policy issues relating to nuclear safety, human and environmental protection against ionising radiation, and the protection of nuclear materials, facilities, and transport against the risk of malicious acts. IRSN interacts with the general public and scholars to share basic knowledge on radioprotection and nuclear risks.

IRSN is involved in WP1-WP4.

> Website: www.irsn.fr