EAGLE FP7 project partner: SYMLOG


Symlog - Institut Symlog de France


Symlog is currently involved in policy analysis, indicator selection and dissemination in several large projects (FP7 PROSUITE; PACHELBEL, NanoFATE; Orchestra ). Symlog has performed policy analysis and qualitative studies for large French and international public and private institutions (French Ministry of Environment, ADEME, IRSN, EdF, ANDRA, OECD-NEA, US NAS-NRC...) and since 1991, has acted as Work Package Leader, partner or subcontractor in well over a dozen EC projects.

Some selected projects: 2009-2012: ORCHESTRA, Organizing Dissemination on Results of Projects on Chemical Evaluation, Spreading Techniques for Risk Assessment (Coordination and Support Action, IRFMN); 2007-2009: COWAM in Practice, New approaches to the governance of radioactive waste in Europe (R&D, Mutadis); 2006-2008: RISKBRIDGE, Building Robust, Integrative inter-Disciplinary Governance models for Emerging and Existing risks (Coordination and Support Action, TNO); 1995-1997: RISKPERCOM, Risk Perception and Communication at the 10th Anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe (R&D, Stockholm School of Economics).

Symlog will be involved in all WPs of EAGLE.

> Website: http://fr.linkedin.com/in/clairemayssymlog