EAGLE FP7 project partner: UPB


UPB - University „Politehnica” of Bucharest


The tradition of the institution, developed in over 190 years through the effort of the most important nation's schoolmasters and of the generations of students, is not the only convincing reason. The mission of the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest has been thought over as a blend of education, research and innovation, which represents a key towards a knowledge-based society and economy. Its Nuclear Energy Department offers the only full scale higher education curriculum in Nuclear Engineering and in IT and Management of Power Installations, being the main provider of skilled personnel for national nuclear industry (utilities, nuclear agencies and regulatory body) since 1970.

UPB closely cooperates with the safety authority CNCAN as well with the power state company Nuclearelectrica SA operating the Romanian Nuclear Power Plant in Cernavoda. As a leading member of Romanian Association for Nuclear Energy (AREN) and also of Romanian Association of Nuclear Industry (ROMATOM), UPB has close contacts with industrial state and private nuclear agencies, organizations and customers or providers.
UPB also participates in broad international co-operation, being a founding member of the European Nuclear Education Network Association and having contracts within the FP6 and FP7.

Currently, UPB participates in the FP7 projects ENEN III, TRASNUSAFE and ENEN_RU as well as in EACEA project EUJEP.

> Website: www.upb.ro/en