EAGLE FP7 project Stakeholder Consultation Group

Stakeholders are at the heart of the EAGLE project, which aims to enhance public understanding of ionizing radiation and to facilitate a coordinated communication approach.

The relevant stakeholders:

  • public authorities
  • industry
  • other users of ionizing radiation
  • journalists
  • medical patients associations
  • consumer associations
  • local communities hosting nuclear installations 
  • interested public
  • other

All relevant stakeholders are invited to join the EAGLE stakeholder network.

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Stakeholders have two possibilities of engagement in EAGLE project.

1. Being a Stakeholder Network Member and getting access to the EAGLE platform and receiving all relevant project information: news, professional working papers, documents and publications, invitations for events, access to the network database and the database on good practices.

2. Being a Stakeholder Consultation Group Member, getting actively involved in mutual learning and sharing of knowledge and good practices related to communication on IR through participation in EAGLE debates and consultations, virtual workshops, pilot actions and conferences, and also getting access to the EAGLE platform and receiving all relevant information.