EAGLE conference 'Let’s Communicate about Ionising Radiation'

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EAGLE International Conference 'Let’s Communicate about Ionising Radiation'

Start date : 26-11-13
End date : 26-11-13

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On November 26th 2013 EAGLE will organize its first project conference for stakeholders entitled 'Let’s Communicate about Ionising Radiation' in Paris, France.

Aims of the conference

  • Publicly launch the EAGLE project and to present it to stakeholders.
  • Discuss with relevant stakeholders the key topics, problems, needs and challenges related to past communication on ionizing radiation and the potential solutions for bridging the gap in the public understanding of these issues.
  • Express a strong willingness to involving stakeholders in the project implementation, and to attract new stakeholders networks members at national and international level.


Different stakeholders from all project countries will be invited to the event, including representatives from information sources (like nuclear industry, national radioactive waste management organisations, regulatory bodies, and medical implementers), media and civil society.

Participants to the conference will be broadly informed about all aspects of the EAGLE project. Through  discussions the project partners will get the stakeholders’ initial feedback related to substantial questions and issues that are dealt with.

Contacts and working relations will be established with stakeholders and also with other relevant EU project partners, and with EC experts.

The EAGLE stakeholder network will be opened and established and foundation for the Platform for Communication on Ionising Radiation will be provided.


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To register, please download and complete the registration form.

Please return the form by October 20, 2013 to eagle_secretariat@rec-lj.si

Participants are expected to book their own hotel. More information on travel and accommodation can be found in the registration form.


The conference will take place at the IRSN premises:

IRSN, 31 avenue de la Division Leclerc
92260 Fontenay-aux-Roses


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Tel: +38 659 08 12 61