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Post-workshop dialogue on improvement of communication about IR > share your views with us!

Date: 2014-11-05

workshopOn October 29th 2014, the EAGLE Consortium organized the 1st On-line Stakeholder Workshop with the aim to brief the stakeholders about interesting results and main recognitions from the EAGLE analytical work, and to discuss the issues and challenges that emerged, related to more efficient communication on ionizing radiation (IR).

We would like to thank all 44 participants to the workshop who listened to us and shared thoughtful comments and questions despite that due to technical reasons we were not able to implement the discussion in the desired interactive way. We apologize to all participants for any inconvenience. The workshop was video recorded and the video will be available soon.

All expressed and sent comments will be taken into consideration in our report but as we do not want to miss the stakeholders’ views and proposals related to challenges raised at the workshop, we are prolonging this dialogue with a 2-weeks lasting electronic discussion. 


Leading questions for electronic discussion

We kindly invite all stakeholders, including those who registered to the 1st On-line Workshop, to share your opinions and your thoughts with us about the following leading questions:

1. The information sources recognise communication as the most or one of the most important aspects that contribute to fulfilling their mission in the nuclear area. But the real question is - are they appropriately reaching the public and are they addressing their needs?

2. Education, training and information materials and activities, however good they are, reach only the public with open mind and willing to critically evaluate the information. How could the information sources reach the population which is not interested in the ionising radiation issues although they provide professional, technical and scientific evidence based information?" 

3. While citizens generally want to be informed, their attention may be sharpest only during crisis - at a time when the media are interested in moving fast with information, and when authorities may take the longest time to formulate their message! How can authorities learn new ways of communicating under uncertainty? How can journalists form ongoing relationships with sources, so that exchanges are easier at crisis time?

4. How can all the traditional actors adapt to the new context of tweets, blogs and democracy of expression?

5. EAGLE public surveys found high public trust in scientists on one side and difficulties to understand expert language on the other side. What are public expectations for scientists’ involvement in the information and communication process? Can spokespersons be a solution, especially for the information sources mandated by authorities? Which are other ideas in this regard?

6. In spite of efforts, the general awareness and knowledge about ionising radiation among population is quite low. Which could be success factors to turn the trend upward?


Share your views

Below you can find three presentations to get more insight into the topics presented (findings from analysis of information sources, characteristics of media reporting and perception of public). You may write your comments on one or more leading questions, depending on your knowledge, your interest, or your readiness for sharing your opinions with the EAGLE stakeholders.

Please send your contribution to no later than November 20th 2014.

We will compile all contributions (from the On-line Workshop and those that we will get from you through this electronic discussion) into a report which will be made public at the EAGLE Platform. But it is even more important that the comments and proposals gathered will be used in further elaboration of the Communication Recommendations and EAGLE Pilot Actions.

The draft Communication Recommendations will be again discussed with all interested stakeholders at the 2nd Stakeholder Workshop, and through the EAGLE Public platform for communication about ionizing radiation.


Workshop agenda & presentations