EAGLE is closed - Consult the recommendations

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EAGLE is closed - Consult the recommendations

Date: 2016-08-12

The FP7 project EAGLE is closed. With great pleasure we present our final results published in the deliverables section. Our deliverables include recommendations intended to help European actors in the field of ionizing radiation to move closer to a citizen-centered communication process, supporting better informed decision-making about ionizing radiation risks.

These recommendations are formulated based on results from the EAGLE activities conducted throughout the entire project duration. They integrate EAGLE stakeholders’ feedback and have been agreed by the EAGLE stakeholders, including the EAGLE advisory board. In addition, most of the work was peer-reviewed and published in different scientific journals. The recommendations will be published in a special booklet shortly after the end of the EAGLE project. 

The recommendations are mostly addressed to source institutions (official communicators), and thereby reflect a standard of quality that other communication actors - media and civil society representatives - can ask for.

The EAGLE recommendations are available via this link.