EAGLE FP7 project: WP3: Recipients of the information: Informed decision making process related to ionising

WP3 is dedicated to the analysis of education, training and information (ETI) from the point of view of the final recipients of information – EU citizens.

Desk research will be performed for all EU Member states for which available information exists. Polls, interviews and workshops will be conducted in limited number of countries covering as possible the diversity of EU population.

This work package will identify approaches to improving ETI activities regarding the understanding of the effects of ionising radiation so as to support the citizens of the EU in making informed decisions related to ionising radiation risks. WP3 will analyse mental models in the general public regarding the effects of ionising radiation, in order to investigate what are gaps, differences, misunderstandings and misconceptions between professionals from the nuclear area and the public.

WP3 objective: address the following questions

  • What is the level of general knowledge related to ionising radiation issues among EU citizens both in nuclear and non-nuclear countries?
  • Where do the people get information related to ionising radiation and what are the sources of information they trust?
  • What are the mental models present in the general public regarding the effects of IR, and how are IR perceived by the general public across EU?
  • What are the differences, gaps, understandings and perceptions in the general public compared with the ones provided by professionals in the nuclear area?
  • What are examples of good practices regarding ETI about the effects of IR which should be promoted and what bad practices should be avoided?
  • What kind of public information coordination can ensure an informed civil society in Europe?